Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies-AP

Catering to the Educational Needs of Gifted Rural Youth of Andhra Pradesh

IIIT-RK Valley Institute

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Head of the Departments

Mrs. Perusomula Sobha
Education          : M.Sc
Email                : hodbiology@rguktrkv.ac.in, p.sobha@rguktrkv.ac.in
Chemical Engineering
Mr. V. Ramasubbaiah
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
Email                : hodchem@rguktrkv.ac.in, ramasubbaiah@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mr. A. Venkateshwarlu
Education          : M.Sc, (Ph.D)
Email                : hodchemistry@rguktrkv.ac.in, annavarapuvenki@rguktrkv.ac.in
Civil Engineering
Mr. G. Venkatesh
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech
Email                : hodcivil@rguktrkv.ac.in
Computer Science and Engineering
Mr. N. Chandra Shekar
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech (University of Hyderabad)
Email                : chandrashekar@rguktrkv.ac.in
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Mr. Arava Sreekanth Reddy
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech (IIT Kharagpur)
Email                : hodece@rguktrkv.ac.in, asreekanthreddy@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mr. Viswanadh Bisai
Education          : M.A.Eng., B.Ed. (Spl.Eng)
Email                : visuchandu2000@rguktrkv.ac.in
Fine Arts
Mrs. Dannana Srilaxmi
Trainer in Vocal
Education          :
Email                : d.srilakshmi@rguktrkv.ac.in
Information Technology
Mrs. Akula Nagamani
Education          : PGDIT, M.Sc (IT)
Email                : hodit@rguktrkv.ac.in, anagamani@rguktrkv.ac.in
Library & Information Science
Dr. D. Konappa
Assistant Librarian
Education          : MA., M.L.I.Sc., SLET, NET, Ph.D
Email                : drkonappa@rguktrkv.ac.in, librarian.rkv@rgukt.in
Management Science
Dr. Savanam Chandra Sekhar
Guest Faculty
Education          : Ph.D (JNTU-Kakinada)
Email                : savanam.sekhar@gmail.com, hodmanagement@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mr. Sudhir Kumar Anapagaddi
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Sc (Andhra University)
Email                : hodmaths@rguktrkv.ac.in, a.sudhirk35@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mechanical Engineering
Mr. B. Imran Shareef
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech (IIT Roorkhee)
Email                : hodmech@rguktrkv.ac.in, bimranshareef@rguktrkv.ac.in
Metallurgical and Materials Engg
Mr. Gonuguntla Anji Babu
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Tech (IIT Bombay)
Email                : hodmme@rguktrkv.ac.in, ganjibabu@rguktrkv.ac.in
Physical Education
Mr. P.Venkata Ramana Reddy
Physical Director
Education          :
Email                : venkataramanareddy@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mr. M. Bhaskaraiah
Assistant Professor
Education          : M.Sc, M.Tech (IIT Delhi)
Email                : hodphysics@rguktrkv.ac.in, bhaskar@rguktrkv.ac.in
Mr. K. Ramu
Education          : M.A., T.P.T. (SKU)
Email                : hodtelugu@rguktrkv.ac.in, k.ramu@rguktrkv.ac.in