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Summer Internship Program

Student Registration for Summer Internship Programme
  • As per RGUKT, RK Valley curricula, all E3 (third year) students should undergo summer internship for the duration of 08 weeks immediately after E3 S2 exams.
  • Campus CDPC will inform students about the actual date of commencement of summer internships well in advance (Usually, in the month of January in every Academic Year).
  • Campus CDPC will conduct a brief introductory session to all E3 students along withdeparment faculty & HOD in the month of January and will students inform about
    1. Duration of summer internship
    2. Purpose of internship
    3. Type of organizations to be considered for summer internships
    4. Other relevant information that helps in choosing proper summer internship topic and organization.
  • It is to be noted that mere undergoing a training programme/ course in a particular organization is not considered as summer internship. The summer internship should be problem solving type.
  • All E3 students should register for summer internships by either online or hardcopy as informed by campus CDPC at the beginning of the E3 S2 course i.e. in January.
  • Students are encouraged to apply for the summer internship. Before applying they are advised to take the help of faculty members of the department. They can also consult campus CDPC.
Guidelines for Selection of Summer Internship Programme
  • Students should opt for a summer internship that would provide them to gain ample field knowledge in the relevant field of engineering such that theoretical knowledge gained the class can be applied to solve the practical/ field problem i.e. it should be problem solving summer internship.
  • Undergoing a training programme / Course at a particular organization for specified duration is NOT considered as summer internship. If any student undergoes such trainings during summer internships, those would be rejected. In such cases students have to repeat the internship for the specified duration as inform by the concern HOD.
  • However student can learn new tools for short duration that would help for solving the problem undertaken in the summer internship.
  • Students should take a challenging task, may be small portion, and apply the knowledge gained to solve it.
  • Summer internship can also involve data collection from different sources including generating experimental data, collection of data from field etc. Later on and analyzing the data to arrive at proper and meaningful conclusions.
  • Summer internship should be aimed at solving some of the problems of the society/ local region that should have practical applications and benefit the society.
  • Students should devote full 08 weeks for summer internship. If any student undergoes internship duration is less than 08 weeks, such interns will not be considered.
  • Different central and state government organizations, CSIR labs, premier institutions like IITs and IIMs, DRDO, public sector undertaking organizations, top IT companies can be considered for summer internships.
  • Students of RGUKT are not permitted to undertake internships in RGUKT campuses. In house (RGUKT campuses) internships are not permitted.
  • While selecting such a topic, students are advised to consult faculty members of RGUKT.
Involvement of Dept in the Summer Internship Programme
  • Head of the department will allocate faculty members as advisors for all E3 students at the beginning of E3 S2 semester (January) for advising the students in selecting proper summer internship.List of students and concern faculty advisor for summer internship will be sent to campus CDPC at the end of January.
  • Campus CDPC and head of the department willfinalize the internship organizations to each of the registered students.
  • Faculty members will visit some of the organizations where students are undergoing summer internship and meet students and supervisors and discuss about the internship topic and help the students
  • HOD will constitute Summer internship evaluation boards consisting of department faculty members that includes one faculty from other department. The evaluation board will involve in the evaluation process. Board can take decision to reject the student summer internship if it doesn't meet the requirements of summer internships. Such students have to repeat the summer internship.
  • HOD will send the student summer internship details in tabular form (CDPC/ Annexure -II) to campus CDPC as soon as the evaluation process is completed.
  • List of students who should repeat the summer internships will be informed to exam cell as well as to campus CDPC.
Arrangement of Summer Internships by CDPC
  • Based on the student registration for summer internship and requirement, campus CDPC would approach different organizations for summer internship and inform the students for registration.
  • A student who opts for summer internship through campus CDPC should take up the internship and report to assigned organization on the specified date.
Reporting Procedure for Summer Intersnhip Programme
  • Based on the student registration for summer internship and requirement, campus CDPC would approach different organizations for summer internship and inform the students for registration.
  • A student who opts for summer internship through campus CDPC should take up the internship and report to assigned organization on the specified date.
  • Students should submit the details such as name, ID No, branch, email ID, mobile no, organization where he/she would undergo training, date of commencement of summer internship and date of completion, name of the supervisor (if already assigned) and contact details to campus CDPC before leaving the campus after E3 S2 exams.
  • Students, who got internships through either CDPC or other sources, should report to the respective organization on the date given to them. No late reporting is permitted.
  • While reporting to the organization, student should carry
    1. College Identity card
    2. Internship allotment letter (if available) and
    3. Any other documents as informed by the organization.
After Reporting to Organization for Summer Internship
  • As soon student reports to the organization, every individual should get a supervisor/Guide/advisor for guiding the summer internship.
  • Each student should register for summer internship reporting details through online at the link provided by the CDPC. (Name, ID No, branch, mobile no, email ID, place of internship, location, date of reporting to internship, title of the internship, supervisor name, contact number etc).
  • After certain period i.e. 08 weeks before college reopens for E4 S1, the link will be deactivated. Late registration is NOT PERMITTED.
  • If any student fails to register within the date mentioned, he/she will not be considered for evaluation of internship.
  • In case of any problem while registering through online link/ accessing the link / any other problem,you should contact campus CDPC through email (cdpcsupport@rguktrkv.ac.in )
During Summer Internship Programme
  • During 08 week of summer internship, students are expected to undergo the following
    1. Brief training / some introduction/ training of software etc related to the topic that is assigned
    2. Problem solving (request for a problem from supervisor and solve it, else student should choose a proper problem with the help of faculty / others and solve it)
    3. Prepare a report (as per B Tech project thesis) on the work done at the last part of summer internship. Report should contain (i) introduction to the problem, (ii) objectives of the work, (iii) literature, (v) data, (vi) analysis and (vii) discussions and conclusions.
    4. At the last part of summer internship, student should approach supervisor/ guide and request him/her to correct summer internship report.
  • Student should fill up the details PART- A of the Evaluation sheet (CDPC/ Annexure III) of the summer internship and hand it over the form to supervisor /guide and request him/her to fill up Part-B of the sheet.
  • Supervisor should be requested to post the evaluation report to respective branch coordinator of the campus. Student should provide the address of your branch coordinator (Part-C of CDPC/Annexure III)
  • Students should not carry the sheet of evaluation; it should be posted to HOD/branch coordinator.
  • Students should report to campus on the day of reopening along with summer internship report and submit a supervisor's signed copy of the report to the branch coordinator.
  • Student should maintain at most discipline during entire summer internship duration and they should be punctual to the work.
  • While working in the workshop/laboratories, students should not operate any instrument without supervisor's permission.
  • Students should take care of their health and safety. They should move in group not as individual. Use of caps during sunlight, drinking of adequate portable water, eating of seasonal fruits and proper food are some of the points to be kept in mind.
  • Students should not leave the organization without supervisor's permission. The whereabouts of individual students should be known toq the supervisor/guide.
  • For any problem faced by the students during summer internship duration, they are advised to contact Faculty of RGUKT or campus CDPC.